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SREADA is a global leading high precision pushpull connector and cable assembly solution provider which has designed, manufactured, and distributed high precision push pull circular connector and cable assembly. Our products are widely used in kinds of harsh environment and applications, like industrial control devices, medical equipments, measuring and inspecting equipments, audio & visual equipments and military, etc. Furthermore, it has excellent compatibility with many leading supplier. And also we supply different OEM/ODM services serve as different application and requirement.We hold trying best to provide the connectors and services beyond their prices and let the customers become more competitive as mission, and take initiatives to explore the special requirements of the customers which makes SREADA be capable of providing the most suitable solution for the users to satisfy their high precision, more stability, excellent compatibility and total cost control etc. Insights to the market and the trend of connector make SREADA maintain the innovation and flexibility of the products. Advanced product development and management, comprehensive product R&D testing and automatic production line guarantee high reliability and high performance of SREADA products.In the future, Sreada will focus on high end connectors. "Refined quality, wonderful value" is our brand promotion principle. Our company aims at better cooperation relationship with clients from all over the world.